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Welcome to Swift Mako Software

Swift Mako Software specializes in custom Rich Internet Application(RIA) and Java software development.  The RIAs we develop are based on the Adobe Flash platform and can run inside a web browser as a Flex Application or as a Desktop Application using Adobe AIR.

All development is cross-platform and will run equally well on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux platforms.

If you have a custom website or application you'd like developed, contact us at inquiry [at]





Job Openings

Sr. Software Development Engineer

This full-time position would entail designing and developing Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex/AIR and Java server technologies.


  • 5+ years of Java (or comparable) language development experience
  • Adobe Flex/AIR experience desired
  • SQL Relational Database experience (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc...)
  • BS in Computer Science or related field



  • Central Indiana Area - USA



  • Send resumes and/or questions to hr-manager [at]

Current Projects

WCAP Professional

WCAP Professional is circuit analysis software developed for Westberg Consulting. It was released November, 2007.  It's primary use is for analyzing AM Radio design circuits such as Phasors and Diplexers.  Today, WCAP is being used as a companion program to Westberg Consulting's other design software Phasor Professional and Diplex Professional.